Freediving School Courses | 2015

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See below for detailed descriptions of the freediving school courses and types offered.

Vertical Blue Freediving School Courses 2015
Type Date Location Language Contact
VB IntermediateDec 6-10, 2014Dean's Blue Hole, BahamasEnglish, Spanish, ItalianMore info
AIDA InstructorsDec 12-20, 2014Dean's Blue Hole, BahamasEnglishMore info
VB BeginnerJan 13-15, 2015Dean's Blue HoleEnglish, ItalianMore info
VB IntermediateMar 30 – April 3, 2015Dean's Blue HoleEnglishMore info

Book your place in any of the Bahamas courses above by paying the deposit (half course fee). NB. do not send payment for European courses, which must be booked through the contact.

More 2015 freediving school course dates coming soon!


A course for the complete beginner. Students are given the basic techniques and theory necessary in order to make their first steps into the world of breath-hold diving. The emphasis is on efficient breathing, relaxation, and sensitisation of the body to being underwater.


A generalized freediving course that caters for students of a wide level of ability, from a relative beginner to an experienced freediver. Theory lessons, practical sessions in the sea and classes of yoga and relaxation fill the days, and there is the opportunity to try all disciplines of freediving, and take home videos of your dives. The final day is elective, and students can choose between snorkelling, spearfishing, or further training in Dean's Blue Hole, with a seafood meal to round up the week.


A four-day advanced course that focuses on the specific discipline of freediving without fins or any other form of assistance (CNF). Dubbed by some as 'pure human aquatic potential' this discipline is both the most demanding and the most rewarding. William Trubridge is the current world record holder in no-fins freediving, and will use videos, demonstrations, and exercise drills to perfect students' technique whilst maintaining their own personal style.

FREEDIVING MASTER CLASS, with guest instructors (5 days) - $995

Master your game in the three keystones of freediving: mind, body and technique.
Offered only once per year, the Vertical Blue Master Class is the pinnacle of freediving education. It combines instruction from World Champion and record holder William Trubridge with a special guest instructor. This year's instructor is Mauricio Fernandez, the CMAS finswimming world champion and record holder (50m in 13.89"), who will share his unparalleled expertise with the monofin. Past guest instructors have included Simon Borg-Olivier and Sara Campbell). 500-hour Sivananda instructor Brittany Trubridge will teach yoga and lung exercises, and a hand-picked team of expert in-water instructors rounds out the team. The most advanced techniques, used in training and preparation for competitions and world record attempts, are described and demonstrated.
An intensive program allows for 'maximal attempt' dives, depth training tables, advanced pranayama, equalisation methods and much more. The course will provide new insights into holistic training that will take your freediving to the next level.